Friday, November 4, 2011

Unread mails

I tortured myself again by watching the Japan episode of Madventures. I should not have done so though, since now I'm even more frustrated and anxious at the same time :)

What is madventures, you say? Well, madventures is a traveling show featuring two Finnish friends. They, erm, travel around the world :) The main point of that show is that they avoid the tourist centres and things like that. And they're hilarious too, especially Riku. Their third season is fully in English, so check them out , I promise you won't be disappointed :)

Unread mails
I actually tried to contact people from numerous companies, asking if they would be able to help me in any way possible. I was hoping that maybe someone would mention either my blog, or the chipin page. The amount of respose was mindblowing, never had better :)

Okay, I lied. No one answered. I sent the mail to many high profile places and not-yet-high profile places. Got nothing. Well, some of them sent an automated message thanking me for contacting them, but that's it. Why won't they read their mails? Or if they read them, why won't they answer? I can somewhat understand that the biggest places I sent it won't answer just because of sheer amount of mails they get, but I didn't expect the same thing from smaller ones. Especially those who claims to "listen their customers/fans/whatever". People would like their mails answered, if they ask something..

If I was famous or anything, I would do my absolute best to answer all the mails I got. It would be polite and very helpful in the long run :)

Skyrim is released next week, been waiting for that one for a while! I'm not getting it though, since I decided that the money should be saved instead of spent on games. You have no idea how tough that decision was, but in the end, I think it's the right one. I hope :)

Savings account update
After the last week's slight "setback" I managed, via drastic measures (did not buy food for a couple of days), to gather up some money for the saving account. 50€ to be exact, so the current amount is 210€. I know it looks sad, but small streams grow the river, right?

And no one has expressed their interest in the advert tattoo..


  1. Looks like you took an arrow to the knee with your savings. (I hope you understood that Skyrim reference)

  2. I wonder if you will update soon, it's been 2 years...

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